Wo/Men [In]

Gender Diversity in Action

Wo/Men[In] is a network of executives dedicated to drive forward gender diversity and to foster a change within the business environment, through the involvement of sociopolitical, academic and business actors, to promote a cultural transformation in Mexico.

The improvement of our country inspires and motivates us; because of this, since 2013 we brought together dozens of talented people who have decided to take action in promoting equal opportunities for men and women in organizations, as well as their equal participation in high management positions.

We are led by an executive team made up of professionals with extensive experience and recognition with regard to gender diversity, who guide our actions and keep us aligned with our business plan.

What do we do?

In Wo/Men[In], knowledge is acquired, better practices are shared, high level networking contacts are generated and deliverables are made, so that professionals and businesses can apply them in their companies.

Our activities include forums, workshops, webinars and collaborative sessions. By having a membership, our members are key part of actions to promote gender diversity.

From our perspective, gender diversity is key for driving forward the economy, so we generate strategic information to make easier the decision-making process regarding this topic, through our Business Intelligence Center (BIC).

Our Principles

Our activities include:


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Co-Working Sessions

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